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How to Videos on Doors, Timber Decking & more!

For helpful tips and techniques on building projects we have a range of videos that show you how to get the job done in no time. Need more information? Send us what you’re looking for or give us a call on 1800 049 315.

We have the convenience of all your building supplies you need at great prices and experienced staff to assist with advice so ask for a quote today or contact us right now if you need a hand with the project you’re working on.

Open your Door with Big River for your next building project

Enhance the entrance of your next building project by selecting from the latest designs in doors that include the best range for security, safety and climate control. If your existing doors do not match up to these principles then it’s time for a replacement and Big River can show you how to do the alteration and modifications that you desire by viewing this video.

Door replacement choices start with your preference in style, type and of course size. Our Big River sales representatives can help you select the type of door to suit your requirements and we are always open on our website with helpful links for further information.

A comprehensive list of tools and supplies is provided for your convenience and we can supply all the additional building hardware you require to ensure the job gets done on time and to order. At Big River doors are just the beginning.


The Australian family home needs a deck! It’s the additional room to entertain, relax and let the kids play in a safe environment. Deck design is relatively uncomplicated but as no decks are identical they should be based on the usage, final appearance and price.

Decks are the perfect home project to improve living conditions and increase the value of your property. For a remarkable quick and easy construction that is modern, low maintenance, safe and traffic-tough we recommend James Hardie HardieDeckTM . Whether you’re a professional builder or DIY handy person, check out the video for a quick guide on how you can create a valuable addition to your home or next building project.

Installing a Pre Hung Door System

Don’t Be Hung-Up –On Doors. It’s time-consuming and often frustrating when nothing is plumb or level but essential to hanging a door correctly. Hinges, warped framework, sanding edge… the list goes on forever. It can often be a major part of the building job installing doors properly.

Big River provides the expertise for you making door installation a straightforward task. Except for door choice there is the decision of left or right opening that means checking clearances from furniture placement, electrical and light switches and other obstacles. To make the job easy, check out the video on how to install a pre-hung door system from single to a 4-door system.

With Big River’s expertise all the hard work is done and you’ll complete the job in no time at all. Installation instructions are comprehensive and allow high productivity, low stress and no hang-ups.

Stop Termites & Fungus in your Timber Framing – Find out How

What do they have in common you may ask? Answer: they ALL love wood. The twist is that Big River wishes to make sure you’re next building project lasts and does not turn to dust. In the past, chemical toxicity and leaching into the surrounding area has been as large a problem for treated timber as the termites and fungus themselves. Research and understanding termite and fungus conditions are paramount to Big River and to their supplier Hyne who developed and manufacture T3 Green.

T3 Green carries an assurance of 25 years and has explicitly been developed to overcome these complications. The treatment is nontoxic and is approved for outdoor projects requiring bearers, rafters, battens and joists for decks, patios and any other external structural timber framing such as outdoor buildings. Importantly, T3 can be used for outdoor furniture, public facilities, playground apparatus and other applications where CCA1 treated timber are restricted for use in unprotected above ground applications. (1 copper, chrome & arsenic treated).

Why Install a Cavity Door?

When you’re stuck for space and privacy is required, or if noise suppression and discretion are an issue, what are you going to do? Install a cavity door! They are hidden in the wall and open and glide easily into position. They can be locked at different opening widths making them a smart use of limited room and leaving space where it is often most needed such as laundries, pantries, toilets and bathrooms.

How to Install a Cavity Door

Cavity door installation is best done during the building phase of the home but retro-fitting is not difficult. Big River provides the know-how, supplies and suggests the video is the best place to start and for your reference at any time during construction. Make Big River your next stop when you need supplies and expertise for your next building project.

How much Emphasis do you place on Professional Experience?

Both Big River and Hyne Timber have over 100 years each in supplying timber to the building industry in Australia – enough said. So you could say we know a thing or two about looking after your timber and treating it right, especially when it comes to termite attack and the best protection techniques across the nation.

Termite species vary by regions and over time so keeping up with changing environmental conditions from the tropics to colder weather down south and risks from new global infestations is an ongoing challenge. At Big River we supply a complete range of timber for every application for indoor above ground building projects – whether it’s above the Tropic of Capricorn, where termite resistant T2 Red is recommended to stop tropical termites (mastotermes darwinensis), or down south, where T2 Blue is used extensively in the building trade. Being specially formulated it is ideal for house framing and internal structures. Both the T2 Red and the T2 Blue have a 25 year warranty.

Hume How To Install Pivot Door System

Want a great street impression for your home? Install a pivot door. They are modern, fashionable and practical and can often fill an entrance better than a set of traditional double doors. Pivot doors do not have hinges but pivot on an internal pin allowing wider spacing to be covered while controlling the flow of traffic and weather conditions. Hume pivot doors come with door seals all round and offer excellent weather protection.

Use the Hume virtual showroom to assist your selection of doors and following the installation video for detailed instructions and helpful advice. All tools and supplies are listed for the project. Big River is always ready to give assistance if needed and can deliver to your door when you require.


Big River is the premier Australian distributor for Permaform – an exciting new product for builders, architects and engineers alike which is set to revolutionise how concrete formed walls are constructed.

Permaform – quick… strong… straight -is a permanent PVC wall formwork system which remains in place for the life of the structure, designed and produced for Australian conditions.

This Permaform system is lightweight and easy-to-install. The system allows the builder to replace traditional formwork practices in small to medium density residential applications reducing the overall construction time and costs of the project and without the need for cranes or other lifting equipment. Typically it is used in projects such as hotels, aged care, hospital and health care facilities, medium and high density residential buildings.

Hume Doors – The Stylish Hampton Collection

Big River has the latest range of stylised doors from Hume ideally suited to a relaxed lifestyle. Their design has been inspired by the elegant, coastal calm of the Hamptons. Hume’s Hampton Collection of doors is relaxed, coastal and quaint. Raw and natural lines conspire to give a “permanently on holiday” feel.

For builders and home owners seeking doors with the latest interior fashions and functionality, look no further than Big River. Check out the video now to view the new Hampton Collection – choose from their 7 elegant door designs with options of  frosted or clear glass. Ask the staff at Big River for further assistance including delivery.  Check out our competitive prices – get a quote today

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